Allah Ya Ghali Tonsor Malakna


Allah Ya Ghali Tonsor Malakna
O Saudi, we came from every city
Thousands of Saudis Clapping in Sync
Haba Haba
Saudi Fans with Drums in the Stadium
Wale3 Al Mal3ab Saudi Yel3ab
Outside Stadium Saudi Fans Celebration
The BEST Saudi Team Celebration
Saudi win celebration with fans
We got you Messi!
Saudi Fans stressed in the last 5 minutes
Win Saudiiiii Win
Nooooo MESSI
Look at what the Saudis are doing!
Walking out of the stadium
National Anthems
Walking to the stadium
Singing and Clapping with Qatar Fans
Qatar National Anthem by Fans
Qatar National Anthem at Opening
Qatar Fans Jumping
Qatar Fans Chanting For the Win
Qatar Airways Stand
Ole Ole with Qatar Fans
Zone DJ Celebration Opening
Dancers at Biggest Soccer Event
Columbia Fans Dancing
Colombia Fans Celebrations
Colombia Dancer
Carnaval Colombia Fans

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Advantages of VUZ 360 Degree Live Stream App

360-degree video footage typically requires a lot of storage space if it is in high resolution; however, virtual reality streaming services address this issue. The viewer no longer has to be concerned about storage restrictions. They can instantly watch live soccer streaming from anywhere in the world by streaming the content rather than saving it. With VUZ, the streaming will be as smooth as silk. Even in high resolution, buffering will not bother anyone. It will keep the audience engaged with all the aspects of this World Cup. The 360 degrees surely going to allow a personal link of emotions of users with their favorite event.


As a finalist, VUZ received recognition and attracted a lot of attention from investors worldwide. By recording and delivering live and on-demand 360° video material, VR, AR, and immersive experiences to the world while the competition was still going on, 360 VUZ demonstrated the strong capabilities of the immersive software. VUZ's founder and CEO, Khaled Zaatarah, said: "We are really thrilled to win the Global Founders Games award by Webit, one of the biggest challenges for innovation and scaleups in the world. We are confident that this award will open up many exciting new growth opportunities for us."

Tim Draper, a well-known Silicon Valley VC who has invested in hundreds of the world's top firms and is a member of the final jury for the Founders Games Award by Webit, "At first, I thought that 360 VUZ was just like any other app, but then I realized it was going to be the next powerful immersive library. The immersive video app has an interesting opportunity, and the fact that it has a lead over the competition is strong, and the fact that it went with smartphones first and then VR headsets is a good idea."

VUZ is an app that will be tracking games, players, celebrities, and much more throughout the World Cup as well as other league games and competitions like the UEFA Champions League, similar to some other items on this list. Additionally, it has a single widget for Android/iOS home screens so you can keep up with all the latest news in one place. VUZ will become the best partner for the fans, and we assure you that you won’t regret it. We will keep updating the match highlights and all the results throughout the tournament. In addition, we know you don’t want to miss the best moments from your favorite matches, no matter where you are in the world.