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We Are

VUZ: 360 Degree VR Teleporter App

Time, Travel and Access
VR 360 views

Our Mission

Build a hyperconnected product to teleport, empower & entertain.

Why are we on this Mission:

Our focus is to remove barriers to everyone using immersive experiences and technology.We want to give people access to the impossible with full power of what to see, when to see , and how to see it, not the other way around.We aim to get the world closer and help millions of people be connected and teleported to top happenings from any place in the world and help them save time, money and have ultimate control.

Our Vision

Bring the world together by removing barriers using immersive technology & experiences.

What Drives Us:

Our hope is to mark the company’s name in the universe and inspire the youth with a big success story that would motivate millions of people.
Immersive video